and the Village has become extinct. 

I am not a substitute for the entire Village, however, I am a steady source of nourishing care as you walk the path of motherhood. I am here to support you as you build your foundation and find your way.

  We are not designed to mother alone- I am here to walk with you as you find your way.




In-Person Care: 2-4hr visits

Virtual Mentorship: Online Sessions


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A Mother Centered Care Package For Pregnancy Through Postpartum

Reclaim your rite of passage into motherhood with postpartum care.

Prioritizing postpartum care is crucial for a mother's vitality. When mothers receive the foundational care they require, they can better support the health of the baby and the well being of the whole family.

This care package is for the mother who knows to fill her own cup before she can pour forth to others.

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