You're resting in your cozy bed, nesting with your newborn, feeling completely supported & cared for after your birth. . .

You are receiving nourishing foods and keeping warm while your body is resting. You are tended by those you feel safest to hold you in the cocoon of transformation.

In the sacred window of postpartum, mothers enter a state of timelessness while bonding with their babies. It is a time of deep connection & devotion.

Prioritizing proper care after birth is one of the most crucial ways a mother can fortify her vitality. When a mother receives the nourishment she needs, she can support the foundational health of the baby and therefore the whole family.

What you may not realize is just how vulnerable a mother’s body is to becoming depleted. While so much attention is poured into the beloved new baby, if proper care for the mother is not prioritized, many imbalances can begin to set in. . .

• Modern day motherhood is often marked by health issues that could potentially be prevented with a deeper understanding of our innate physiological design.

• Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders affect 15-25% of the population of mothers. 

• Incontinence, prolapse and digestive issues are increasingly common, yet they need not be normalized. 

• These problems are actually symptoms of a deeper root cause: Mothers are not sufficiently nourished, and are therefore deeply depleted.

  • Experience an easier recovery after birth due to an extended resting period
  • Have less digestive issues by eating the appropriate foods
  • Feel more confident in their new identity when they are not isolated
  •  Have a steady flow of breast milk as the focus is on bonding with baby
  • Have an easier time resting as the nervous system and hormones adjust rapidly to a new normal
  • 1 hr opening session to chart out your postpartum plan, address your desires, needs and concerns
  • Care package of herbal products for mother & baby 
  • Mother’s blessing- a celebration of your rite of passage that honors you in loving ceremony
  • 1 hr preparation session for reviewing plans, as you are preparing for birth and postpartum
  • Templates for creating your optimal postpartum experience: "Visioning Your Ideal Postpartum" "Crowdsource Your Fourth Trimester", and "Web Of Support"
  • Access to my network of quality care providers for resources and referrals
  • Unlimited support via Text

• Six weekly 2 hr visits beginning first week of baby’s arrival

• Nutrient-rich, postpartum specific homemade meal and herbal tea delivered weekly with each visit

• Traditional Postpartum Warming Rituals: Abhyanga (warm oil massage), Moxibustion, and Pelvic Steaming

• On the last visit- “Closing of the Bones” Ceremony. Pregnancy and birth require us to open and expand more than ever, and Postpartum requires that we bring closure to our body, redefine personal boundaries, and reconnect with ourselves as newly born Mothers.

• Postpartum is forever, it does not end at 6 weeks. Our time together may be extended at an additional cost, depending on availability and services desired.

Investment & Payment Plans:

• The cost: $1,950

• Deposit due upon booking, remainder due at first session (payment plans available)

• Postpartum care is a community effort. I provide you with a template for an invitation to "Crowdsource your Fourth Trimester" which makes a great baby shower gift!

Investment & Payment Plans:

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